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Avery Spratt is a maker with a passion for getting lost in the intimate details of her work. With a focus on printmaking and hand embroidery, Avery embraces a contemporary and experimental approach to traditional mediums.  Self-taught in the craft of embroidery, Avery is unconstrained in her technique, and her “there are no rules” approach blends traditional stitches with innovation, leaving her with something to learn from each piece. Using her practice as a pathway to self-guided therapy and personal exploration, her work often draws inspiration from the natural world and plays with redefining femininity, both in subject matter and in the media she specializes in.  Combining visual imagery and utility, Avery tries to find a place for her pieces in day to day life, creating bags, patches, and other wearable items.  Her work has been displayed in student galleries, sold at exhibitions hosted by the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and she is currently a featured artist at independent retail shops in Somerville, MA and Denver, CO. She also works as a pattern designer and sample maker for NBC's Bluprint

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