campus cactus

Campus Cactus began with a single question: how could I help incoming college students adjust to campus life? Partenerd with Ryan and Kim Habbyshaw of Local Supply Co. We answered this question the best way we could. With cacti.

Company Development and Branding, Experience Design, Event Coordination


we built a brand.

Establishing Campus Cactus' presence, especially online, was important to getting the ball rolling. We collected content for weeks. A website outlined the important details. Instagram connected us to potential customers and a Facebook event gave students something to look forward to.

Campus Cactus website
Campust Cactus Facebook event

We made connections.

It takes a village, as they say. I partnered with Loyal Supply Co., a Somerville based design shop, to make Campus Cactus a reality. Together we made supporting local businesses and building a sense of community a priority. For example, our cacti were supplied by a Massachusetts based nursery. And, of course, these events couldn't have gotten off the ground without the support of the Tufts community


We designed an experience.

This was more than just a cactus sale. Our events cultivated creative thinking. By establishing an encouraging social environment around the event, students built the confidence necessary to go from saying "I don't know which one to pick!" to having a whole backstory for their new spiky friend. And let's face it — the googlie eyes were the perfect final touch to really bring the cacti to life.


The Event

A legacy left behind.

Since its start, Campus Cactus has welcomed the incoming freshman class at Tufts for four years. We also spent weekends at Harvard, Union Square, and SOWA open market.  Following my graduation from Tufts, Campus Cactus is continuing in Loyal's hands.

Screen Shot 2018-08-26 at 6_53_45 PM.png

Hundreds of cacti connections made.

"What am I going to name it?" and "I'm a proud new plant parent!" were among some of the most common things we heard at each event. Campus Cactus gave hundreds of students a cactus friend to care for.

Community built.

When I discovered Loyal Supply CO., a design store well off campus, I thought I had stumbled upon a hidden gem of the Somerville community. Now, students frequent the shop and a few students even work there. Campus Cactus helped develop a relationship between this independent Somerville business, the university, and Tufts students.